Level 3 routine

Working on a Level 3 video. 


101 SimpliFLY (Level 1)

This basic Level 1 class is the place to start. Learn the basic techniques of bungee fitness from balance, squats, jumps, and push-ups. Take this class as often as needed until you feel comfortable with these basic movements and Sling terminology. This class will still get the heart rate up, all while having fun. During this class, we will learn a basic routines to get you ready for Sling ModiFLY!

ModiFLY (Level 2)

This class is next IF you've taken our basic Level 1 class. SimpliFLY class if for those ready to take on more movements and learn more routines. Build on your basics and learn to fly as we challenge you towards learning more skills. We will be doing repetitive techniques mixed dance routines to get you ready for AmpliFLY!

ModiFLY Advanced (Level 3)

We are vamping it up from the Intro to ModiFLY and taking it a step up. From Fly Push Up to Flying Needle, we are preparing you for IntensiFLY! You are ready for this class if you have MASTERED the Fly Spring and Fly Push-Ups as well as all the basics. We are burning a sweat in this class so get ready to burn some major calories! (Please do not attempt this class if you are a beginner or have yet to take Intro to ModiFLY. This will greatly reduce injury and frustration.)

IntesiFLY (Level 4)

This class if for those who’ve mastered "ModiFLY" and can transition from "FLY Burpees" to "FLY Star" with ease. You should also know and understand basic "Sling" movements and commands. This entire class will be choreographed to music with fluid, consistent movement throughout. Be prepared to build on the basics and get the most out of Sling Bungee Fitness.

****This class is NOT for beginners. The instructor will let you know when you can advance to this class. Refunds will not be administere if you book this class as a beginner. 

BRING WATER and prepare to get sweaty! Wear comfortable clothing (wear shirts that are more fitted since we will be defying gravity) and shoes.

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About Us

Meet Our Flight Crew

With years of combined experiencing in Gymnastic, Dance, Zumba, and H.I.T.T...our Flight Crew has some of Edmond's best instructors around! We at Sling Bungee Fitness take pride in our love for helping others not only reach their goals, but provide a unique type of fitness that reaches so many through the low-impact, high energy environment. 

Sling Bungee Classes

What is Bungee Dance and Bungee Fitness? You may have seen the viral videos circulating and there is a reason why! We are located just outside Oklahoma City, in Edmond Oklahoma! Defy gravity with this low-impact, innovative, fat burning fitness! Experience weightlessness like never before as we dance and fly our way into a total body workout! Finally, a FUN workout that doesn't take a toll on the body.

Is Sling Bungee Fitness for you?

Sling Bungee Fitness and Bungee Dance in Edmond, Oklahoma (just north of OKC) is the future of fitness but is this fitness right for you? Sling Bungee Fitness, LLC workout involves running, bungee dance, jumping, lunges, and more; Your Sling bungee rigged harness will help provide the resistance required for a low-impact experience, however, if you struggle doing these types of activities well, Sling Bungee Fitness may still be challenging for you. The harness is padded for comfort, but after an hour of activity you may feel pressure or pinching in the locations where the harness touches the body.

IMPORTANT LIMITATIONS:  Our bungee equipment can only support a person that is a maximum of 240lbs. For your safety, and to get the most out of the experience, students will be asked to check their weight at the studio, and offered the use of a scale. This is required so you can be attached to the correct number of bungees. If you weigh more than 240 lbs you will not be permitted to take the class and you will not be refunded or credited for your purchase.

WHAT TO WEAR:  We recommend wearing two layers of shorts or leggings until you get used to it. Some clients wear padded bike shorts for extra comfort! We suggest a fitted top since you will be upside down. Bring some water and be prepared to get sweaty!

COUNTER INDICATIONS: We do NOT recommend Sling Bungee Fitness, LLC if you have had surgery of any kind in the past six months, pregnant, or have chronic pain or a medical condition involving the shoulders, wrists, hands or lower back. If you have any of these conditions or think you may be pregnant, please consult with a physician before attempting Sling Bungee Fitness, LLC in Edmond, Oklahoma. **Liability waiver required.

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