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We first opened our studio in 2018. The bungee equipment market did not meet our safety needs or demands of our workouts. So we developed what has become the gold standard of bungee equipment, and a library of fun and challenging routines for every level.

Our passion is to help other studios achieve success and longevity. We don’t franchise. We train and equip other studios for success. We offer an elite two-day onsite, our newly launched online training, as we continue to develop the strongest support system in the industry. 

I loved my training, the other affiliates I came to know, and the knowledge I gained. I felt very encouraged and empowered afterwards and knew it was a journey I wanted to pursue. She went over so much stuff: how to run your studio, how to operate your business and what to expect once you open.
– Launch Bungee Fitness

Candace Williams was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in 2016, which began a desperate search for a low-impact exercise to regain her movement and mobility.

“I came across a video of people in Europe harnessed in and flying in the air. I knew this was something I could do!”

With what equipment she could buy, she built a station in her garage and was able to exercise without pain for the first time in months! Sling Bungee Fitness was born.

Candace Williams

Founder, Sling Bungee Fitness

We Rise

proven structure, format systems, and vital tools within a dynamic community.

Training and Resources

Comprehensive online training courses or dynamic on-site training

Licensed instructor training course for safety and all levels of instruction

Essential studio resources: from grand opening to your next level of success

Online continued education for expanded training and license renewal

Energetic routines updated monthly with new songs for all levels of fitness

The Sling

gear designed, manufactured and rigorously tested for safety and comfort.

The Bungee Gear that goes the Distance




Designed for serious fitness studios, this gear excels in rigorous high-intensity workouts. Superior Bungee Fitness Cords outlast all competitors 3 to 1, and our harnesses are designed with Bungee Fitness in mind, and crafted with the best materials for comfort, safety, and unbeatable longevity. Add to that our custom carabiners, our flagship Sling Superior™ System is battle-proven for eveything a Bungee Fitness Studio can throw at it.

Sling Superior™ System

The choice for Bungee Fitness Studios running multiple high-level classes a week. Outlast all competitors 3 to 1.

Sling Starter System

The choice for individual home use or studios on a budget. Sling Starter out-performs our highest ranked competitor and is more affordable!

We did all our training with Candace, bought harnesses (that she worked diligently to design) and with her support, opened in August. We are so thankful for her knowledge and support and could not have done this without her and the help from the other Sling instructors.
– Fly Fitness Bungee Studio


We face resistance every day. We are all tempted to quit when it gets hard. Sling means that we don’t stop at resistance! We use it to fly!

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Sling is your master course in the Bungee Fitness industry: onsite and online training gives proven structure, with format systems, world-class equipment, and vital tools.

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