Our padded, light-weight harness are designed specifically to have full range of motion. Padded for extra comfort and equipped with quick-release buckles that won’t budge during your long workouts. You can’t find these anywhere on the market as they are exclusive through Sling Bungee Fitness.

Bungee Cords

Our bungees are made with several rubber bands for optimal 200% stretch, longevity, and rebound. Many products on the market are made with hollow rubber tubes that can easily snap if stretched too far. Most bungee cords have bulky sleeves so you can’t see the type of cords inside. Our cords have a simple cotton sheath to protect the bungee cords but what’s inside is 100 percent rubber bands. This will provide an easier more glided movement (creating less rib pain) as well as longevity of the cord itself and peace of mind. Our easy-to-connect rings at the top and bottom of the bungee cord makes connecting your client quick and easy. We have tried most every cord on the market. We have spent time and resources developing the perfect bungee cord we know you’ll love!

Sling is your master course in the Bungee Fitness industry: onsite and online training gives proven structure, with format systems, world-class equipment, and vital tools.

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