Single Bungee Cord

Single Bungee Cord

Our Single Bungee Cord offers a 100% stretch and each cord supports approximately 17 pounds per person for optimal Bungee Dance and Bungee Fitness Workouts.

Divide clients weight by 17 with this specific bungee cord.

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Single Bungee Cord


Our Bungee Dance Bungee Cord was designed with Bungee Fitness in mind. Other bungee cords on the market can have limited stretch causing instant breakage and rib pain but these Double Bungee Cords provide optimal 100% stretch so you can flawlessly transition from skill to skill with glided resistance. For optimal performance, the workload per Single Bungee Cord is approximately 17 pounds per person for optimal support specifically for Bungee Dance and Bungee Fitness Workouts. These coupled with our Double Bungee Cord will make for a more efficient quick connection.

Example: If your client weighs 140 lbs, you would divide that number by 17. That number would be  4.11. You would attach 8 single bungee cords (or 4 Double Bungee Cords Equivalent.)

If your client’s weight in at a .5 decimal or higher, attach an extra bungee cord for added support. Example: If your client weighs 155lbs, divide that number by 17. That number would be 4.55. In this case you would 9 Single Bungee Cords (or 4 Double Bungee Cords and 1 Single Bungee Cord equivalent.)

Although products are designed to help you prevent injury. However, it still is a system like others where No Guarantee of 100% from injury or death can be prevented. Sling Bungee Fitness and Equipment will not be responsible for any liability or claims on the product that we sell. If you, as the user of this product decide to use this product without receiving proper training and safety awareness program, then you assume 100% liability. This means even in the case of serious injury or even death, Sling Bungee Fitness and Equipment, will not take any liability for your inability to follow directions from the outset.


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