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Classes will resume soon! Try our Digital and LIVE classes!



More Information on Classes

ReBound (Mini Trampoline) Classes

More Information on Classes

Want to know where to start? We have a page dedicated to bungee fitness. Click below to know more.


Bungee Fitness Classes

ReBound (Mini Trampoline) Classes

More Information on Classes


ReBound (Mini Trampoline) Classes

ReBound (Mini Trampoline) Classes

ReBound (Mini Trampoline) Classes

Defy Gravity. Professional Equipment. Elite Training

Sling Bungee Fitness is the future of bungee fitness. This low impact, high energy bungee dance workout will take your studio to new heights, literally. Train and workout with one of top studios in the nation.

Why Bungee Fitness?

Our Mission

Are you wanting to incorporate bungee fitness at your studio or are you interested in starting your own bungee fitness / bungee dance studio? Sling Bungee Fitness and Equipment offers elite training and professional, high quality equipment. This is the future of fitness and bungee fitness can take your studio to a whole new level. 

"When we first opened our studio, we realized the equipment on the market did not meet the demand or the safety of our rigorous workout. We knew we had to develop a safer, longer lasting product that could withstand the demand of  bungee fitness." 

 Our mission is to provide quality training and equipment to studios around the nation to set studios up for success and longevity. Are you ready to launch a studio in your area? Contact us today and we will help you get started!

Bungee workout on bungee workout equipment

Bungee workout on bungee workout equipment

Training and Certification

Are you looking to open a bungee fitness / bungee dance, or add bungee workout to your current facility?Sling Bungee Fitness and Equipment can help! Located in Edmond, Oklahoma our two (2) day training program will prepare you with the knowledge and skills required to safely and efficiently operate your own bungee fitness studio. As the industry’s leader in this innovative form of low impact, and high intensity exercise, Sling Bungee Fitness and Equipment is passionate about helping your studio experience the growth you desire through the provision of quality training and equipment that will help you exceed your clients’ expectations! For more information on upcoming training events, contact us at


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