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Find joy in
  the Resistance
and FLY.

When you are broken, a sling heals and restores your strength. In adversity, a sling becomes a weapon to defeat your biggest giants. Sling turns resistance into power. Live resilient and fly with Sling.

Diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder back in 2016, Candace Williams was on a desperate search for a low-impact exercise to regain movement and mobility. “I was always athletic so finding myself with limited mobility, constant pain, and no energy was depressing. I was, however, fortunate enough to see improvement with medication and therapy but my body still required a low-impact workout. After searching for ‘low impact workouts’ I came across a video in Europe of people hanging from the ceiling, harnessed in, and flying in the air and immediately I knew this was something I would be able to do!”

Buying what equipment she could find, she hooked a station up in her garage and for the first time in months was able to exercise without pain. This was the birth of Sling Bungee.

Candace opened her studio in 2018 and has since developed specialized Bungee Fitness equipment and what is known as the Sling Bungee Format.

"Since there is no standardized format with bungee fitness. I knew I needed to create a format safe for clients as they developed their core and endurance. New studios were opening without any formal training and I knew this was not only important in my studio but for other bungee fitness studios who were leading blindly. I have a passion to not only help my clients to develop but to help other studios bring a safe and effective format to their studio!"

The format is broken down into 4 levels. Each level gradually increases the client’s skillset knowledge, endurance, and strength. Teaching clients what they can safely execute in Level 1 is dramatically different than what our clients are executing in Level 4. Knowing what skill sets to introduce at each level is just as important as the equipment itself. We want to set clients and studio owners up for success with the best format, exercise, and equipment available.

The Sling Mission

Sling exists to provide gyms and studios around the world with quality training and the best bungee fitness equipment possible. Our motivation is to lay a foundation of encoura leadership in the foundations of a global movement.

Join us as we make the fun, low-impact, high-cardio fitness that changed my life available to all. Live resilient and fly.

Fly with us.

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Sling is your master course in the Bungee Fitness industry: onsite and online training gives proven structure, with format systems, world-class equipment, and vital tools.

We Rise

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