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Sling Bungee Fitness and Equipment is the future of fitness! Experience a weightless, low-impact, high energy workout that gets results!

Intro to Bungee “SimpliFLY”

This is the class to start with! Learn the basics to flying vertical and horizontal flying! From squats to burpees, we are working hard while learning the bungee basics. If you struggle to do a burpee on the ground or if you are just getting back into movement, consider starting with our Sling Mobility.

Intermediate “ModiFLY”

Once you’ve taken our Intro to Bungee- SimpliFLY you can discover more skillsets, dumbbells, and flying in this class! We kick the cardio up a notch as we fly through creative and fun routines while burning upwards of 500 calories!

Advanced “IntesiFLY”

This class is ONLY if you have mastered all the skillsets and have taken several “ModiFLY” classes. Once invited to this class, expect a fast-paced 50 minute class of constant routines and little to no stopping. Get a full body workout as we fly our way to burning upwards of 700 calories!

Tips and Restrictions:

Tips: Arrive Early. We will NOT be able to take late arrivals. Dark colors hides sweat. Wear your hair high up or off to the side. Wear good grip lace up shoes. Wear a high impact sports bra. Bring water! Restrictions: Due to bungee equipment limitations, clients who are pregnant, over 240 pounds, or have recently had a major surgery in the past six months will not be able to participate. ReBounders, however support up to 275 pounds.

NEW! Introducing ReBound!

Sling Xtreme

This Tabata/HITT inspired workout was created to get you results! This 45 minute circuit training class uses ReBounders (mini trampolines) for cardio to keep it low-impact while keeping the intensity while we also combine core and arm strength. If you are looking for a full body, highly effective workout, this is it! Click below for the schedule and prices.

ReBound Dance

This high energy, mini-trampoline workout is quick and highly effective. We will dance our way through a 30 minute workout while incorporating low weighs to tone the upper body all while providing a low-impact workout. Not only is ReBounding easy on the joints but it has many key benefits.

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