What are your hours?

Due to limited stations available, we require clients to pre-book online. You can find our schedule on MindBody by searching 'Sling Bungee Fitness'. 

Are there any restrictions?

We have a few restrictions. You may not participate if you are pregnant, under the influence of alcohol, or if you do not meet the weight requirements of 90-240 lbs. 

What do I wear?

We suggest that you wear leggings or bike shorts, a high impact sports bra, a tight shirt/tank top, and non-slip sneakers. If you are concerned about sweat marks, we recommend wearing black. 

What should I expect for my first bungee class?

For your first class, you will learn simple skills and how to trust the bungee. You may experience headache, soreness, and uncomfort from the harness. However, these are all temporary and you will get used to these symptoms the more you attend classes.

Should I bring water?

We ask that you bring your own water, however we have water available for purchase if you forget. 

Do you provide childcare?

No, we do not have childcare and children are not permitted to stay and observe a class. Pets are also not permitted. 


Will any more locations open up?

We only have one location so far (Edmond). We do have affiliates going to start soon in MWC and Norman. We have clients who drive in from Yukon, MWC, and Norman several times a week because it is so fun.

What class do I take first?

A Level 1 is required for your safety and to help you learn the skills. You can stay in Level 1 as long as you need, but one class is required to advance to Level 2.

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