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Sling Mobility

Ultra low impact class that focuses on getting the heart rate up with bungee assisted jogging, squatting, and dance movements. This class is great if you're getting back into cardio workouts or need a class focused on the basics. 

Intro to Bungee - SimpliFLY

This basic intro class is the place to start. Learn the basic techniques of bungee fitness from balance, squats, jumps, and push-ups. Take this class as often as needed until you feel comfortable with these basic movements and Sling terminology. This class will get the heart rate up, all while having fun. During this class, we will learn the basic routines to get you ready for ModiFLY

Intermediate ModiFLY

This class is only IF you have taken Intro to Bungee. ModiFLY is the next step up from our intro class, as it increases skillets and cardio for those ready to take on more routines. Build on your basics and learn more flies as we challenge you towards learning more advanced skills. We will be doing repetitive techniques and mixed dance routines to get you ready for Sling SkillSets!

Sling SkillSets

This class is to focus on building your skills. We will go through a series of moves to help prepare you for Advanced IntensiFLY. This class is great if you need to practice on building your skills without the dance aspect. 

Sling Strong

This class is if you have taken a Level 1 and a Level 2 class. Sling Strong incorporates Bungee Fitness with light weight dumbbells for a full body cardio blast and training. This class is not required.

Advanced IntensiFLY

We are vamping it up from ModiFLY and SkillSets and taking it a step further. You are ready for this class ONLY IF you have mastered the Fly Spring, Needle, Superman, Push Fly, Scissor, C Jump, and Burpee 180. If you are unsure of the skill listed above, you are NOT ready for this class. We require you take a Level 2 six times or three Level 2 classes and three Level 2/3 classes, BEFORE advancing to Level 3. This is to help avoid frustration and injury. In this class, we are in fat burning mode the entire workout, so get ready to burn some major calories!

Class descriptions


AdvancedPRO IntensiFLY

Advanced IntensiFLY is our highest and most advanced class. To attend this class, you must have perfected the basic fly's as well as 

-C Jump



-Tuck Jump


-Roundhouse Burpee

-180 Burpee


-Heel Click

-Handstand Push Ups





If you have not mastered these skills, we ask that you do not attend our AdvancedPRO class. 5 Advanced IntensiFLY classes are REQUIRED for you to attend this class. This is strictly to prevent injury and frustration. 

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