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Candace Williams, owner and creator of Sling Bungee. We believe that by professional training and top-notch equipment, we can lead others to success. Our mission is to provide gyms and studios around the world with quality training and the best equipment possible.

To accomplish this we have developed a turnkey business training. This compiles the years of pioneering work that we have done in this industry with the lessons learned in the school of hard knocks, thorough and detailed. The Sling Training System is complete with access to our team and a support system — all that is required to help you start and succeed in your own bungee fitness studio.

We succeed by helping you succeed.

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To find out more about our next Training Event or for more information email us at [email protected] and let us know you’re interested! 

What’s included in our training:

  • Naming Your Business
  • Brand Marketing
  • Business Management Software 
  • Marketing Stratagies
  • Certifications Requirements
  • Forms and Documents
  • Schedule and Pricing
  • Equipment and Training
  • Establishing Your Studio’s Identity
  • Attracting Your Clientele
  • What to expect
  • Results and Expectations
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Safety and Efficiency
  • Skillsets
  • Certification
  • Instructing
  • Pricing and Memberships
  • Launch dates and Soft Launch
  • 3 Progressive Routines to Kick Start your business
  • Affiliate Studio Listing
  • Access to Private Facebook Account for continued education

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Sling is your master course in the Bungee Fitness industry: onsite and online training gives proven structure, with format systems, world-class equipment, and vital tools.

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