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Open A Studio

Want to open your own bungee studio? Sling Bungee Training and Certification is a two day program will provide you with hands on training equipping you with knowledge, skillsets, marketing, safety, and equipment. Upon completion, you will be Certified and equipped to open a bungee studio of your own. If you want to lead in the bungee fitness industry, look no further. Sling Bungee Fitness and Equipment offers innovative and fun routines and top of the line equipment. Bungee fitness is the future of fitness and YOU could be on the ground floor of this high-energy, low-impact form of fitness!

Training and Certification Includes:

* Naming Your Business

* Brand Marketing

* Finding a location

* Business Management Software

* Marketing Stratagies

* Certifications Requirements

* Forms and Documents

* Schedule and Pricing

* Equipment and Training

* Establishing Your Studio's Identity

* Attracting Your Clientele

* What to expect

* Results and Expectations

* Do's and Don'ts

* Safety and Efficiency

* Skillsets

* Instructing

* Pricing and Memberships

* Ebb and Flow

* Hour of Operation

* Launch dates and Soft Launch

* 5 Progressive Routines to Kick Start your business

* Affiliate Studio Listing

* Certification

* Up to 10% off on all equipment

* Access to Private Facebook Account for continued education

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What is Bungee Dance and Bungee Fitness?

You may have seen the viral videos circulating and there is a reason why! There is no funner way to burn some serious calories. We are located just outside Oklahoma City, in Edmond Oklahoma! Defy gravity with this low-impact, innovative, fat burning fitness! Experience weightlessness like never before as we dance and fly our way into a total body workout! Finally, a FUN workout that doesn't take a toll on the body. Are you a studio or interested in starting your own studio? Sling Bungee and Equipment can help. Sling Bungee Fitness and Equipment is now offering Certification and all your bungee dance and bungee fitness equipment needs! Our bungees and harnesses were designed with bungee fitness in mind. These long lasting and durable bungees provide more comfort with less rib pain, with a more gentle approach in the execution of specific skillsets. Our harnesses provide comfort in all the right places to keep your hips and groin area comfortable. With reinforced straps that stay in place, and quick-release buckles, offers quick connection for each client while also gives you the peace of mind as safety is one of our upmost concerns.